Interchange Intro Unit 1 (Welcome)

Molly: Excuse me. . . . Um, hello. Peter: Hi! Molly: My name is Molly. What’s your name? Peter: I’m Peter. My friends call me Pete. Molly: My friends call me . . . Molly. Hi, Pete. It’s nice to meet you. Peter: It’s nice to meet you, too. Molly: Are you a student here? Peter: Yes, I am. My class is at nine o’clock with Miss Taylor. Molly: Miss Taylor’? She’s my teacher. You’re in my class. Peter: Great! Molly: Where is our class? Peter: It’s over there. Peter: Hi. I’m Peter – Peter Krum. I’m in your class. Mrs. Smith: Hi, Peter. Nice to meet you. Hello. What’s your name? Molly: I’m Molly. I’m in your class, too.

Mrs. Smith: Hello, Holly. Um… is that H-O-L-L-Y? Molly: No, it’s Molly: M-O-L-L-Y. Mrs. Smith: M-O-L-L-Y. Molly. Hmm. What’s your last name, Molly? Molly: Lin. L-I-N. Mrs. Smith: Peter Krum and Molly Lin.

Peter: Uh . . . wait. . . . Excuse me. . . . Are you Miss Taylor’? Mrs. Smith: No, I’m not. I’m Mrs. Smith. Miss Taylor is in Room 203. Over there. Peter: Oh, thanks. Mrs. Smith: Have a good day! Peter: Good-bye. Mrs. Smith: Bye. Molly: Hello, Miss Taylor? Miss Taylor: Yes. Molly: Iom Molly Lin. Miss Taylor: Hi, Molly. Nice to meet you. There you are. Welcome, Molly. Molly: Thank you. Peter: Hi, I’m Peter – Peter Krum. Miss Taylor: Krum. Ah, here you are. Welcome, Peter.

OK, let’s begin class.

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