Poppies Fish and Chips – Best in London ? British + English Traditional Food

HI Guys welcome back to London tonight I’am in the east end again right opposite Spitalfields market right now I’ve just finished work for the day and as you can see it is a pretty typical evening here in London cold windy wet from intermittent rain all day and dark pretty rotten all around really So I fancy something for dinner something hot and something substantial I fancy fish and chips which is one of the quintessential British dishes British meals well that is a hotly contested list I just checked online to see if I could find out the origins of fish and chips and no one really seems to know they think chips came from Belgium with Belgium immigrants I guess and the fish was brought from Europe by Jewish immigrants at some point but again when is contested but it is believed that at some point in the middle of the ninetieth century someone combined the two and we got fish and chips as we know it today so large chips not like American French fries and fish fillets deep fried in batter and that might sound for anyone not in Britain that might sound that might sound like a terrible thing to do to fish it is quite delicate even steaming it and poaching fish it can fall apart and be ruined but the batter which is flour and water forms it forms like a case a cocoon in which the fish is almost steamed it comes out like it has been steamed or being poached it is delicious it is making me hungry thinking about it now there is an award winning there is an award winning fish and chip shop right here just opposite Spitalfields market Poppies so lets go in and get some dinner (music) That is the Old Truman Brewery Truman Brewery and at the end of this street is Brick Lane so on that corner there is Spitalfields so Poppies being right Poppies being right here is kind of right in the middle of Hipster central Every single one of my friends has a different idea of what makes the perfect fish and chips which fish for a start cod is my favourite so that is what I’m going to go for tonight I’am going to go for a regular don’t be fooled by portion sizes in fish and chip shops they under estimate them when they mean large when they say large they mean absolutely massive I’am also going to go for a side of Pickles a Gherkin I prefer Gherkins some people like pickled onions pickled eggs and I’am going to go for bread and butter I like to make a chip butty to go with my meal and then I guess I need a drink with all those calories I’am sure this is going to be absolutely massive I don’t need any more calories some I’am going for a Coke a diet Coke As I was saying what makes the perfect fish and chips is largely a matter of personal preference first of all there is the fish as I said Cod is my favourite you can get haddock, plaice, skate, catch of the day then there is the batter the crispy case which forms during cooking which is essentially flour and water but every chippy has their own secret recipe some add beer or soda as well then there is the chips the type of potatoes I guess they have to be thick cut but how chunky and different chip shops use different oils or fats to cook them in then there is the condiments I like plenty of salt and vinegar myself but which vinegar malt vinegar or pickle vinegar then there is the sides I like pickled gherkins I find it a nice contrast to the fish and chips but others prefer pickled onions or pickled eggs or even mushy peas then there is the sauce tomato ketchup, tartar sauce or curry sauce and with each of those there is a choice of brands so picking the best chip shop is personal preference but there are good ones and there are bad ones and Poppies is one of the good ones fish and chips is a reasonably priced meal especially take away thou out the UK poppies is not a cheap chippy but I think that is the only criticism it gets it is not over priced when you consider what they offer if you sit in any other restaurant and order a sustainable sourced fillet of fish especially in this part of town as a main coarse it will most probably cost you considerably more so this is a regular sized portion of Poppies cod and chips WOW look at the size of the bread and butter they are proper door steps I’am going to struggle to make a chip butty out of those but I am going to try and a gherkin sliced how civilised but yeah this is a regular sized portion comes with lemon I’ll give that a good squeeze over the fish a pot of tomato ketchup and a pot of tartar sauce the batter is lovely and crispy and inside you’ve got the lovely soft flaky white cod OK lets tuck in OK I thought I would give it a go as it comes and it is absolutely delicious I like to absolutely cover it in salt and douse it in vinegar but I’ll have the salt and vinegar police after me for the amount I use so I won’t show you that as I was saying earlier so much of fish and chips is about personal preference and I prefer my tartar sauce a little bit coarser with chunk chopped up bits in it and maybe a little bit more of a generous serving but that is hardly a deal breaker this will be fine so I would definitely recommend Poppies if you visiting London and want to try some genuine British fish and chips at its finest it is a pucker chip shop with nice friendly service they have a take away service here and they have a take away over the road at a kiosk in Spitalfields market so you can get a take away either here or over the in the market and then have a wander around wander around the market take a look at what is on offer on the day if you fancy it is a very popular and very busy little restaurant but if there is room in the restaurant like there is today I definitely recommend like I have stopping by in the restaurant and eating in I think you can make reservations here as well the restaurant is modern in its approach but it is designed by the owner and is vintage in style it is old school chip shop meets 1950’s American diner it is a really charming and relaxed atmosphere to take a break from the world outside OK I got the bread and butter to make a chip butty and for those of you not in the UK a chip butty is a chip sandwich bread butter chips and I’am putting on a little bit of sauce some tomato ketchup it is technically a door step chip butty because of the thickness of the bread but that is a whole another thing in fact the bread is beyond door step it is ridiculous so if this was making you hungry watching me trying to fit this in my mouth will probably put you right off your dinner (music) that is a bit of a mouth full but beautiful don’t try that if you come here on date night the whole thing was delicious I polished the whole lot off as I was saying earlier every Londoner probably every Brit will tell you the best chippy in their opinion and every one will have a different opinion but Poppies is a great place to start if you’ve never tried fish and chips and it is a great place to come even if your like me and you’ve been eating it regularly since childhood it will set your expectations in terms exactly what to expect and it will set them pretty high this is an award winning chippy OK Poppies was delicious I hope you enjoyed this video so please hit the thumbs up like button if you did and if you would like to be the first to see my new films the subscribe button Toodles! In case you are wondering what Spitalfields market looks like at night after a days trading