Hip-Hop & Rap Fashion EFL Vocabulary

People who enjoy listening to hip-hop music or rap also have their own fashion fashion that is characterized by different accessories and different types of clothes such as timberland boots every rapper must have a pair of Timberland boots also jordan’s why jordan’s because most rappers or people who like hip-hop also like basketball and jordan’s are very very popular. Baggy jeans although baggy jeans are not so popular anymore they are always and will always be a part of hip-hop culture and as an option you can show your boxers that is, your underwear rappers wear sunglasses not because it’s sunny they wear it because they want to look cool with a lot of swag maybe they just don’t want people to look at them in their eyes also basketball jerseys are worn suits rappers like watching basketball and play basketball they must have a basketball jersey it’s very important for example a new era hats it must have what is preferred is a hat with a flat visor wiser his great part of what makes it different is that it’s black rules when rappers have so much money that they don’t know what I’ll spend on day by grills or so diamonds shows they have a lot of money and also change your billing playing very popular because it shows that they have a lot of money especially in rap rappers like to show that so this has been hip-hop fashion this is way if you want to become part of the hip-hop culture where r a coach

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