Teaching English in Vietnam: TEFL Teacher Testimonials

I was really terrified when we came in to land I was really frightened because I thought: “Oh my god! I am going to meet all these people that I have never met before.” Obviously, it was very stressful: it was the unknown, we did not know what to expect… And it has just been unbelievable since the minute we arrived. The minute we set foot in Vietnam, we got picked up immediately.

All the instructions were clear and everything worked like clockwork. I loved it. In the taxi over here, since I was off the plane and in the taxi I liked everything that I saw out of the window. It was quite like there is culture shock Quite a few things are completely different. It almost feels like I am in a different world. The first and most important thing was that we had an orientation in the city So I know exactly where I am where I am going and what to eat.

I just felt so at home, relaxed. It was really good; it dispelled all nerves. Yesterday, I went on a tour of Saigon My head have been spinning ever since It was marvelous The tour of the city yesterday was great.

We got to see lots of different buildings We got a very nice feel of the city The lady on the coach who was giving us a tour was very knowledgeable about Saigon and Ho Chi Minh and also quite entertaining. Being in Vietnam is just great I’m loving it. I am actually thinking of extending my visa for another year. I am enjoying Vietnam’s culture, the food… I have done a lot of eating of noodles, sharing experiences, sharing food. The welcome dinner was fantastic. The welcome dinner really was fantastic.

The meal was amazing. The restaurant with the buffet , the lotus on the lake. Last night was lovely actually, I had a really nice time The food was lovely and I got to talk with people I would otherwise not have talked to The food was amazing, I had four helpings. I feel like I have been here half a lifetime and I have been here three days. What we achieved in three days was unbelievable I think it is a great thing to get trained down here.

It was also really great that we had a week with Vietnamese students So I think it was a great idea. And the teachers here are something remarkable. The course was brilliant Going on this internship was probably the best thing I could have done; Everybody is so friendly the class sessions have been very good, the orientation… There is always somebody there to speak to or help you, support you… Everyone is so supportive and I am achieving exactly what I wanted to achieve. With Sean, I have gained the confidence to stand up in front of a class. To teach, basically. I think I have gotten loads of good ideas It is very intense, very focused on the teaching There have not been those long theory sessions It has been practical and I really like that With some of my own teachers back home I’ll use some of the things that I have been taught here.

I am really looking forward to the teaching practice that I am going to get I just can’t wait to teach I can’t wait to find out where I am going.

This is a huge, massive adventure For somebody like me, it is the best possible thing I could be doing in life Getting to the end of the six months and looking back on the entire experience I have been asking “wow I am a teacher now. I can actually do it”. That would be amazing. Being able to look back and say: “I have taught, I have made an impact on people’s lives and done some good. That’s absolutely fantastic..

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